Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April Give-Away Contest Winner!!

Here's the winner for our April Give-Away Contest!! Congrats to Angeline! Here's her entry:

This is one of my many favourites. This laptop padded tote bag is customized to fit my 13-inch MacBook Pro. It has a valcro flap to keep the laptop in place. It has two inner compartments which come in handy for me to store items like CDs and letters.

This laptop tote bag can also double up as a document bag! It's slightly bigger than A4 size so I can put my documents in it!

And don't worry about the handles of this tote bag! They are slightly padded with double stitching for durability and comfort.

This laptop tote bag has served me well, all thanks to Wendy.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tie up a cute ponytail today!

Hello Kitty (D)
Selling @ S$7.50 a pair

Hello Kitty (C)
Selling @ S$7.50 a pair

My Melody & Friends (C)
Selling @ S$7.50 a pair

My Melody & Friends (B)
Selling @ S$7.50

Squirrel love walnut
Selling @ S$4 each

Hello Kitty (B)
Selling @ S$7.50 a pair

Donkey + Rooster
Selling @ S$7.50 a pair

Hello Kitty (A)
Selling @ S$7.50 a pair

My Melody & Friends (A)
Selling @ S$7.50 a pair

Russian and Kittie
Selling @ S$7.50 a pair

Birdie on Tree
Selling @ S$4 each

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Long padded purse

Russian Dolls

Mole Mushroom Pink

Space Jet Crew

Sugar attracts ants

These purses are longer than our usual purse collection. Now you can dump in more stuffs in! Customisation available with your fabric choice from our fabric catalogue. Do email us for our fabric catalogue.

Measuring 17cm (width) x 10cm (height)
Selling @ S$16.90

We love handmade! Contest

We will be holding monthly contest from this April onwards. Every month we will be giving out free cuties for you. It's simple! Just take a picture of our products you purchased and tell us how much you love them and email to us to participate in our contest. We will post them in our Facebook page and start the balls rolling!!

This month we are giving out this pretty clutch. Will be wonderful to hold all your essentials like handphone, keys, lippy, small purse etc... bring it to your tea parties with your gals!!

Closing date: 15th April 2011 (12mn)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Handy Wristlets are back again!

Sanrio Characters

Hello Kitty (Apples and Trees)

Russian Doll with Soldiers

My Melody and Friends

Little Twin Stars + Teacups

Folkart Patchwork Russian

Hello Kitty with Tutu Train

Hello Kitty (Musical)

Hello Kitty (Comic Strips)

Back by popular demand!! We are launching new batch of wristlets. Comes in Sanrio fabrics too! Throw in your small itty bitty stuffs such as sweets, coins, keys, cards.... in there, gals!! Little vain pots will love it too! :)

Light padded with cotton lining inside out.
Measuring approx. @ 20 cm width x 15 cm height x 7cm base
Selling @ $16.90 each.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Introducing our first workshops


We are proud to present our first handmade workshops by needlelovesthread!! Specially crafted for the beginners!! Each workshop is approx. 45 mins per session. Students will get to know some sewing basics and some knowledge of handling the sewing machine. Materials will be provide during workshop. We are offering 4 different workshops. (click image for better viewing) It will be a fun and therapeutic session! Bring your mum or gal friends along!! Register with us now by providing us the following details:

Contact No.:
Number of persons attending:
Workshop/s you are interested in:

Best regards,
Missy of needlelovesthread

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

**CNY Cheap Sale - Sweet Hair Scrunchies**

Scrunchie 1 - Beige Piggy (Blue trims)

Scrunchie 2 - Black Fairyland

Scrunchie 3 - Cars

Scrunchie 4 - Hello Kitty

Scrunchie 5 - Caramel Town

Scrunchie 6 - Bambi Mustard

Scrunchie 7 - Magic Mushroom

Scrunchie 8 - Little Twin Stars

Scrunchie 9 - Beige Piggy (Pink trims)

Scrunchie 10 - Winnie the Pooh November Storybook
Scrunchie 11 - Hello Kitty

Scrunchie 12 - Little Red Ridding Hood

Scrunchie 13 - Alice in Wonderland

These cute hair scrunchies make a great a great gift. Beautifully handmade with quality Japanese fabrics. They are great for thin or thick hair. Can wrap around 2 or 3 times around your pony tail depending on hair thickness.

Selling @ $5.90 each and $10 for 2 or more. Email us. :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

**Tote Bag Collection Batch 2**

**Tote Bag 1**

**Tote Bag 2**

**Tote Bag 3**

**Velcro closure with padded lining**

This bag has lots of room…great as a beach bag, diaper bag, toy bag, work bag, grocery bag, plus lots more. This can be used for anything that you can think of.

100*% handmade. Size: 35 cm wide x 25 cm tall x 10 cm bottom gusset and 40 cm handles.
Selling @ $38 each.

100% handmade. Size: 35 cm wide x 25cm tall x 10cm bottom gusset and 40cm handles.

**Washing Instructions: Machine wash cold inside out on a hand wash or gentle cycle, hang dry. You can dry clean these if you like.**

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.